Top Weight Loss Gadgets and Tech

Was your New Year’s Resolution this year to lose weight? Then, losing weight is on your mind! Losing weight on your own can be difficult. However, there are many gadgets that can help! Here are the top gadgets you should try to help maximize your weight loss healthcare journey.

Smart Scale

There are numerous smart scales out there to choose from. They will definitely benefit your weight loss by tracking your weight loss, BMI, total body fat, and water percentage via an app. Depending on which one you purchase, it could also include a nutritional tracker. The two best smart scales on the market are the Withings Body Smart Scale and the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

The Withings Body Smart Scale measures your full body composition using Position Control Technology. It measures your BMI, body weight,  water percentage, total body fat, and muscle and bone mass. With this scale is an app where it not only tracks your full body composition, but you can also track your food and weight goal. It can also record up to 8 people!

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale measure you body weight, BMI, and body fat using their special bioimpedance analysis technology. This scale comes in two colors: black or white. Just like the Withings scale, it can measure up to 8 people and connects to your phone via wifi or bluetooth. However, this scale only allows its app to be downloaded on Apple iOS devices. This scale runs for $129.99.

Standing Desk

If you want to lose weight but have to sit at a desk all day working, why not get yourself a standing desk. It has been known that standing as opposed to sitting, not all day of course, can be beneficial for your health. Standing can help you burn extra calories, increase your energy, and tone your muscles. Two popular standing desk brand include Luxor and Uplift. The type of desk you may purchase from these companies depends on your price point. Both companies provide many varieties of desks ranging in price and desk color/height. What’s unique about Uplift’s desk if that it is an option to have a built-in power grommets.

Food Tracking Apps

The key to any weight loss journey is eating right. Two great ways to do that are: 1) Filling your kitchen with healthy, nutritious food, and 2) Keeping track of your food. There are plenty of free food tracking apps that can help you. My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular free food tracking app. They have a database of over five million foods! That’s impressive! Other apps include Lose It, FastSecret, and SparkPeople.

Fitness Video Games

A fun way to get exercise if playing a fitness video game! There are so many games out there to choose from whether you own a XBOX, Wii, or Playstation. For Wii, the best games include Just Dance, Zumba Fitness, Wii Fit Plus (with game board), and Active Life: Outdoor Challenge. For XBOX, the best fitness games include Kinect Fitness, Dance Central 3, and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. Lastly, for Playstation, you have UFC Personal Trainer, EA Sports Active, and Fit in Six.


Part of losing weight is making sure you work out. However, if you not a gym regular or forgot how to properly to your favorite exercises, the Gymwatch can help. You can wear it during your workout without any problems. The device can do the following: Develop a fitness profile, provides you with workout and exercises via app, and gives you immediate audio-visual feedback if you are doing an exercise incorrectly. Who needs a trainer with this gadget! It runs normally for $149 on their site.

These gadgets and tech will definitely jump start your weight loss! Maybe you will even get you beach body by Summer!