The Footprint of Technology in Games


Technology has also pervaded the sports arena in a very significant way. Many innovations and inventions have revolutionized the way some games are played. More importantly, the technological interventions have come where it is most needed especially in areas that have been sources of disputes and misunderstanding. Some of the areas may not necessarily be dispute areas but technology has actually made the games efficiency and performance quite enhanced.

Soccer officials and fans have lauded the goal line technology in football, one of the many inventions, as very helpful and necessary. Some computer chips are embedded into the soccer balls and sensors fitted at the goalmouth. When the ball with the chip crosses the line, it will record a goal on the screens fitted in the stadia. The chip does not make the ball heavy or dangerous in any way, it is made just like part of the ball. This means that the safety of the players is put into consideration, as there are no physical risks to the players that can be associated to the use of the balls. This technology was first put into use in the Brazil world cup. Whenever there is any dispute on if the ball was in or out technically deciding if it was or was not a score, the screens would have shouted out what the truth is. This is then easily transmitted to the officials through their earpieces. This is convenience thanks to technology.

Nike manufactured some self-tying shoes for elite athletes though it was not mass produced. The idea for these shoes arose from the many injuries that may follow athletes when they use shoes that are not well fastened or fitting. These technologically advanced shoes are just like any other running shoe but once you put your feet in, they tighten as you begin walking. There are discs set at the heels that will ‘inform’ the shoes that you are ready to use and hence the need for tightening. A well fitting shoe that is comfortable for the runner enables good performance and less exposure to risk of injury.

Sports items manufacturers have come up with many inventions that come in handy when it comes to exercising for competitions. Fitbit Flex 2 and Garmin Forerunner 735XT are watches that help the swimming enthusiasts. The watches are waterproof up to 50 meters deep in the pool. They record the strokes taken by the swimmer for efficiency tracking purposes. The Garmin Forerunner has GPS technology that can help one in terms of location and routes. This watch also monitors bikers as they ride. They are very good exercising companions as the feedback given can really improve an athlete should he take them serious and seek to improve and work on the weaknesses. Hit screens are also available for those wishing to improve their golf strokes. One hits a golf ball as he would hit it with the hole in mind. The screen is placed some meters away and records the speed, direction and possible distance the ball would have covered in a real game. This helps a player practice even in small spaces not necessarily on a golf course.

The new spherical cameras are also coming in as very good companions for the players. The cameras have lenses on the sides and small like a golf ball. They capture a wide area as they are 360 degrees in coverage. Some baseball stadia have installed the cameras to assist the players see the way they do their hits and improve appropriately. The videos are replayed after the practice session for the players to review and improve.

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