This site is not about career.

Of course not! This page is about you. About the things, you want to do. About the work, that fits best to your way of life. About the next step, you have to do - and the steps after. This page is about the kiwi kind of career you want to grow into - and there is nothing you can compare with this adventure waiting for you.


My Kiwi Career is a range of coaching packages developed by me, a former global recruitment manager. You can choose to book a complete guidiance throughout your job search or you just pick the help you need to get at the moment. - So, how can I help you?

Practical Coaching

Seeking a job is a challenge - most notably when doing so without social network or native manners.


I support you during the application period, helping you to overlook the plenty of job offers and help you to familiarise with the NZ job market customs. Maybe you are not used to bell ringing and improvise. Or you never used internet based tools to seek a job. - I'll get you started in a minimum of time.


For a better response quote, we will  have a close look at your CV and optimise your total performance. You have to compete with natives - take the challenge!


And if you like: I offer individual interview and assesment guidance, from role-play to conversation training to contract consulting, so that you benefit from self-confidence and ease of mind when getting invited. more


Mental Coaching

Working in New Zealand is a very special way of life. Most people will tell you, that it is same as everywhere: you have to work hard for your money. Dream jobs will not be offered on every corner. And people from overseas will not be favoured in most cases: this is all true.


But this is not the crucial point. You came a long way to New Zealand and there was something very intimate you where looking for - now is the time to get your hands on it!


New Zealand is not a wonderland - but you are here. My kiwi career will help you to find your way. more


You feel unsure about your career chances in NZ or you are keen to learn how other make ends meet? On my site, you can read the stories from immigrants, who tried and got along. - I also offer groups of regulars from time to time, so that you can network or just exchange your experiences with peers.

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About me.